Where Clouds come from

Carin Ash was an accidental entrepreneur. She wanted something, searched high and low, and after over a decade gave up and decided to make it herself. She called it a Cloud, because that thing she was looking for was NOT a sweatshirt. It was so soft, so heavenly, so cozy, and so comforting, it had to feel like wearing a cloud of softness.

But, she didn’t know how to sew. Minor detail.

So she bought a little sewing machine, ripped apart everything from her closet that had something to offer, and made a pattern. Then another. And another. Twenty-seven patterns later, she had her Cloud. Sorta.

Another five months of tracking down a fabric worthy of the name and Clouds were born! (With so, SO much help from YouTube sewing videos.)

Carin still believed she would only make two. One for her, one for her sister. Alas, the fates had different ideas, and six months after sewing her first Cloud she had sewn 612 of them, quit her job, taken on the nickname “CloudLady,” and realized that somehow, she had started a business.

The following year she found a manufacturer (hallelujah!), was diagnosed with cancer (yuck!), and plowed through, selling Clouds like hotcakes to the hungry masses. She kicked cancer’s arse and danced away from that mess.

It didn’t take long before she knew she’d need to add some business-minded folks to the Cloud team. That's when she met Bill Testa and Mike Beebe.

Bill Testa and Mike Beebe

Bill Testa and Mike Beebe

Bill is an entrepreneur in his bones. He’s an idea guy. He’s magnetic. He’s got energy to spare and he knows how to take a great thing and make it happen. He repeatedly makes things happen.

He’s a Make Things Happen guy.

Mike is the budgeting, strategic dynamo. An entrepreneur who has run a successful financial practice for over three decades, he lives and breathes development and spreadsheets and knows how to make the the whole thing work. His mind is chock full of all the things Carin doesn’t even know how to spell.

The comfort of Clouds was the original idea. That they took off like a rocket was a shocker, but Carin, Bill and Mike are determined not to rest until there's a Cloud in every closet, on every chilly body, keeping the world cozier and more comfortable than it’s ever been.

Because they’re not sweatshirts, they’re Clouds.


Made in America

As if Clouds weren’t perfect enough, they are made right here in the USA. The Original Cloud Company doesn’t go for lower quality, overseas shortcuts.

We believe in the power and quality of American manufacturing.

Our Asheboro, North Carolina facility is 168,000 square feet of the best employees, most modern equipment, and advanced technology in the American apparel industry.

We maintain a high-capacity flow of work to ensure that every Cloud gets to where it needs to go, efficiently and and effectively.

The Original Cloud Company also has large warehousing capabilities as well as a full range of shipping solutions to bring our products to customers with timeliness and accuracy.

We are armed and ready to make your Clouds and get them to you with short lead times and accurate, responsive customer service.

Because buying a Cloud should be almost as heavenly as the Cloud itself.